Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{entryway changes + gallery wall}

With the recent rearranging of furniture in our living room, we also made some significant changes to our entryway.  The small table I originally purchased for this space back in September now serves a table under TV in our living room.  The fauxdenza that we had originally placed under the TV has been located to to the entryway, but is still a work in progress as we shop for that perfect piece of wood to use for the top.  I actually prefer the fauzdenza in the entryway as the floating aspect of the shelves is very visible from the seating in the living room.  We picked up this runner rug in a simple black and white pattern from the Nate Berkus for Target collection.

The biggest change to our entry is the small photo gallery wall which is something I have had on my to do list forever.  For the longest time I couldn't decide if I wanted to do all photos from our wedding or just a collection of our favorite snapshots from over the years.  Then once I decide on using just wedding photos, I debated between how many photos I should use or if I should include varying sizes and frames. Ultimately, I felt the space was a little small to do many more than 4 to 6 photos total.  I also felt a mixture of photo sizes and frames would make the space look too busy or cluttered.  What finally pushed me to complete this project was when I came across these frames at Target.  I loved the proportions of the exaggerated matting to house an 8' by 10" photo- plus at $15 each they were considerably less than anything else I had seen and liked.

There are still a few minor projects on my to do list for this area including finding something interesting to add to the back of the door like an inspiring art print or even a bold paint color.  I would also love to do some contrasting painted borders on doors of the coat closet that faces the fauzdenza (not pictured because those closets are incredibly boring).

 {if anyone knows of a great lumber yard in the Chicago area that we can locate a pretty wood top for this fauzdenza don't hesitate to pass that info along!}

 {some of my favorite shots from our wedding captured by EPLove}

{bridal party portrait framed in this Target frame}


  1. wow, looks awesome! which ikea cabinets did you make the fauxdenza out of?

  2. you should go to the rebuilding exchange - they have the coolest paces of wood - you could make something killer for this!

  3. I tend to gravitate toward the big picture/small mat combo, but this is making me rethink. Very pretty!

  4. have i told u lately i am obsessed with your confetti wedding pics? totally stealing it when my time comes. dont worry i will give you credit! #natalieweddinggenius

  5. This is so fun! It looks great, I'm excited to see the top on!