Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{garlic-fest dinner party}

I see so many amazing recipe ideas while browsing pinterest or reading blogs that when it comes time to plan a dinner party menu it helps to give myself somewhat of a theme to narrow my choices down.  Usually it is something simple such as a spring inspired menu or building the side dishes to compliment one amazing main entree that I already have in mind.  This past Sunday we hosted a dinner party that was completely centered on one ingredient: garlic!  And obviously I dubbed this dinner party as "garlic-fest."

Since the main menu was going to be pretty filling, I decided to just do one simple appetizer of baked brie with rosemary and garlic (of course!).  I followed a relatively straight forward recipe, but added a bit of honey to the topping and served the dish alongside some wheat crackers.  It is hard not to love a melted cheese appetizer, but this one is going to be new go-to since the prep is incredibly simple and the resulting dish keeps its heat for a solid amount of time.  When I make it next time, I plan on doing two separate baked brie dishes; one as savory (garlic/rosemary/lemon zest) & one as sweet (jam/pistachios/honey).

For the main menu, we served a garlic and herb rubbed pork loin alongside pan-fried brussel sprouts with truffle oil, ricotta mashed potatoes with garlic chips, garlic batard and garlic kale caesar salad.   Scroll down to the bottom of this post for links to all the recipes and a free menu printable so that you can host your very own garlic-fest!

I will be sharing the dessert recipe later this week (no- it doesnt include garlic. yes- it was delicious.)

 {roasted garlic}

{garlic chips to garnish the ricotta mashed potatoes} 

{garlic & parmesan batard}

 {themed appetizer label}

 {cheesy goodness}

 {leftover coasters from our wedding favors come in handy when I need to 
remind myself recipe proportions}

{pre-dinner cocktails served on a cake stand} 

 {maiden's blush cocktails- recipe here}

 {garlic and herb rubbed pork loin}

 {ricotta mashed potatoes, garlic kale caesar salad, pan-fried truffle brussel sprouts}

 {simple table set up}

 {I love to quickly type up the menu, even if it is only a dinner for six-
 download this garlic themed menu below}

recipe links:

Ricotta Mashed Potatoes (minus the chives + lots of garlic!) with Garlic Chips 


  1. Can I please come and be a guest at one of your dinner parties? Please!

  2. Ditto Sadie+Stella! You should host a giveaway to fly someone out. Or you could just pick me... I'm just in Minneapolis! I can drive!

    Do you just happen to know only awesome, open minded people? I feel like whenever I try to do something creative and fun, people just look at me like I'm crazy and ask where the Budweiser and bag of Lay's is. I tried to have a photo booth once, and I might as well have suggested an orgy.

  3. Love this, all the food looks very yummy! But the link to the baked brie recipe doesn't work :(

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for the heads up on the link- should be working now!


  4. So fun! It's 10:30 at night and I'm graving all of the things off the menu!

  5. I looove garlic -- this looks like my kind of dinner party!

  6. I also love garlic but i am very happy with your work.

  7. That kind of prep work beforehand is, I think, not only good planning, but respectful of your guests' time -- especially on a weeknight when no one wants to start eating at midnight. dinnerparties.co.uk

  8. Natalie - I love the whole party and especially the printed menu. Tried to download the template but it doesn't give me the fonts you used - could you let me know what they are? Really appreciate it! You're so talented! Julie F.