Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{custom thank you notes in the shop}

I recently was contacted for a custom Thank You note order based off the Thank You notes I created for our own wedding (see those here).   My client wanted to purchase a set of notes as a gift for her engaged friend to use after their wedding and since we weren't sure if the bride would be taking the groom's last name, we kept it simple with just the couple's first names.  I loved this custom order so much that I have made it available in the shop right here.

{all packaged up and ready to go!}


  1. Love these! Which fonts did you use to create these? I'm working on a few invitations for my brother for his wedding and need a few new fonts!

  2. A memorial thank you card is bereaved for loved ones. It is always produced close friends and family of the person who passed away. A memorial card main focus is to help the bereaved deal with the death by going through the process of assembling the various parts of depict the remembered.

  3. Really nice thank you notes! Pretty simple design, but the beautiful layout and bold lettering definitely makes it work. I like them!