Friday, September 28, 2012

{friday cocktail: a manhattan}

Sometimes (ok- most times) I make girly, sparkly, fruity cocktails and other times I just get down to business with a classic cocktail.  A cocktail so classic that you would expect to see it on Mad Men or in a dark mahogany library filled with weird taxidermy.  This Friday is one of those days and I bring you a recipe for a classic manhattan cocktail (if you don't know it then this is your chance to try it, if you already know it then is the recipe presented to you once again).  It's simple.  It's old-school.  It will most likely impress somebody if you make it for them and act like you know what you are doing...

{luxardo cherries might seem pricey, but they last forever in your fridge so make the splurge 
and you will always have them on hand for manhattans}


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  1. So...I'm clearly loving all of your accessories lately because now I'd like to know where you got these cocktail glasses from :)