Friday, July 20, 2012

{our wedding: the paper goods + favors}

One of the things we put the most thought and effort into for the wedding was designing and making our own paper goods.  With some light skills in Illustrator and lots of troubleshooting with our printer, we were able to make a whole host of personalized paper goods for almost every aspect of the wedding  (check out the past posts detailing our DIY save-the-dates here and wedding invitations here).  For items we couldn't print ourselves, we turned to and Columbia Printing in downtown LA.   See the list at the bottom of this post for the sources of each of the paper goods.  Here are a few of my favorites:

{cocktail napkins at the bar with a romantic quote}

{tonal wedding date coasters in the whiskey area & custom guest towels in the bathrooms}

{the menu at each guest's seat outlining the family style dinner and dessert for the evening}

Initially we had not planned on having wedding favors to give to our guests because I always feel like favors cost too much money to end up being littered and forgotten on the dinner tables at the end of the night.  About a month before the wedding, I was writing one of the Friday cocktail posts and it occurred to me that some of our favorite cocktail recipes would actually make a great wedding favor.  We picked out five of our favorite recipes (we had to leave out an Old Fashioned because the text was too long) including Maiden's Blush, The Business, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Ward 8 and a Champagne cocktail.  We then worked with For Your Party to create a custom letter pressed coaster for each recipe and packaged them as a set of five along with a thank you note for each guest.  These favors also doubled as the escort cards to lead guest to their assigned seats.

 {favor assembly line}

Paper Goods Source List:

custom quote napkins, crest guest towels, tonal name/date coasters, cocktail recipe coasters: For Your Party
wedding invites, directions card, favor thank you notes, menus, and programs: designed by me printed at Columbia Printers
custom crest fans: Monica Cook on Etsy
address labels, matchboxes, envelope liners, drink flags: DIY by Natalie

If you would like help designing paper goods for your wedding or event please contact me through my Etsy shop here.


  1. wow!! This is very cute..Thanks for the share.

  2. I love that idea! cocktail recipe on a coaster, genius!

  3. I like the thank you cards. Great design.

  4. Hey Natalie! Could you tell me exactly what kindof of Canon Pixma printer you have. I'm trying to find one for our home that I can print on card stock. Thank you...i love your blog and have been reading for about a year now :)