Friday, June 8, 2012

{friday cocktail: rose caipirinha}

Last weekend while enjoying the perfect LA weather, Chris made us some raspberry caipirinhas to enjoy and it reminded me just how perfect this cocktail is as a summer refreshment (you can see my recipe for blackberry caipirinhas here).  I starting thinking about other variations on a classic caipirinha that we might want to try and thought this might be the perfect cocktail to use up some of our rose syrup.  While we did make rose syrup from scratch in the past (recipe here), I opted to use our bottle of Monin Rose syrup for this cocktail.  While it was fun to try making the syrup, there is very little difference between the home-made and store bought versions other than the fact that the store bought one has a much longer shelf life. 



  1. Natalie!
    These recipes are fabulous! My friends and I have started a new friday cocktail tradition and we have used a bunch of your recipes. This one is delicious! By any chance though do you have any good ideas for a good rose liqueur? The syrup is wonderful but I hoping you knew of some good brands and maybe a good drink recipe to go along with it?
    Cheers! :]

    1. HI Sarah,

      Rose liqueur sounds amazing!! What brand did you buy?

      I did see this recipe a while back and have wanted to try it FOREVER, but it is using Lillet Rose which is more of a fortified wine:

      But maybe that's a starting place for a cocktail with your rose liqueur? Good luck and please let me know what you end up making!