Monday, May 14, 2012

{sunday brunch: breakfast polenta}

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed spending countless hours creating things for our wedding in our spare time, it feels really good to be back to having free time on the weekends that we can spend relaxing not feeling like there is some wedding related activity we should be getting done.  This past Sunday with both of our mothers out of town, we made a leisurely brunch for just the two of us to enjoy. 

My friend Eva suggested we try this breakfast polenta she found on Pinterest and it did not disappoint.  We followed this recipe which is for the sweet version with candied pecans, maple syrup, marscapone and fresh berries.  Chris also made his own savory version using the polenta base, but adding bacon, pesto and a poached egg.  Topped off with some home-made bread and mimosas, this was by far one of the best brunch meals I have had in a long time. 

The variation between each of our dishes reminded me of our personalized baked eggs dish which we have done for bigger brunches before.  The breakfast polenta dish would work perfectly for this type of meal where you could make a big batch of the polenta base and then let your guests add sweet or savory toppings to their liking.

 {savory version}

 {sweet version}

 {gold flatware from our registry & pink napkins from Mexico}