Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{our re-routed honeymoon}

We originally booked our honeymoon waaaaay back in October after doing tons and tons of research. My only requirements for our honeymoon were that we could lay by the beach, drink and relax the whole time.  We had booked our honeymoon for a resort on the East coast of Mexico in Playa del Carmen, until on the Wednesday before the wedding it became clear to us that it was 100% going to rain/thunder/lightening the entire time we were scheduled to be there.  So we decided on Thursday to fully cancel and re-book our honeymoon to another location that would guarantee sun!  After some brief searching on weather.com, it appeared that the west coast of Meixco was pretty much the only area besides Fiji that didnt have rain.

We ended up staying at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo San Lucas and we loved every minute of it.  There are 6 different properties under the Pueblo Bonito name, the Pacifica resort is considered the smaller more boutique version since it is only 150 rooms compared to 500 to 600 at the other locations.  It was very secluded and beautiful.  We got to spend 6 sunny days laying on the beach or by the pool.

{a black swan on the property}

{shopping in downtown}

{view of our resort from the hillside}

{coffee on our deck}

{day beds on the beach}

{tequila tasting class}

{drinks at the Martini bar at the next door resort}


  1. beautiful! i hope you brought home lots of those pretty hats and blankets!

  2. that photo of you in the white shirt on the beach is gorgeous! so glad you guys had a great time!

  3. love the photos esp. the one with you in the white coverup!

  4. Wow, that's daring! I don't think many people would change their honeymoon plans like that but it definitely looks like you made the perfect decision!! Your photos are gorgeous and the tequila testing sounds amazing!! :)