Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{breakfast for dinner birthday party}

As promised, I am back with the full recap from the breakfast for dinner birthday party we hosted for our dear friend Kay.  With Kay's direction for the color scheme and food, we set out to create a breakfast themed cocktail party rather than do a sit down dinner.  We made everything in mini form like mini egg Mcmuffin sandwiches, french toast bites,  mini donuts and a cereal bar so that guests could mingle and snack throughout the evening.  To make sure people didn't go hungry, we also cooked up some chicken and waffles which were served later in the evening.  We purchased Trader Joe's frozen belgium waffles and topped each one with a fried chicken strip from KFC.  

Although we had beer and wine available, the main drinks for the party were a do it yourself Bloody Mary Bar and a Bellini Bar.  Besides the McMuffin sandwiches, bacon skewers & snickerdoodle birthday cake, everything was purchased ready made (most items were frozen) to make the party a quick and easy set up.  We also tried to pick breakfast items that are just as yummy cold as they are hot out of the oven since we knew there would be no way to keep everything at the perfect temperature.  My favorites from the night were the individual servings of french toast with maple syrup and the cereal bar!

For the decor, we kept everything pretty simple with a few printed labels in the color scheme and some festive drink garnishes.  Using a roll of kraft paper and some sheets of cardstock in our desired colors, Kay & I created a huge paper chain to serve as the statement decoration above the main table.  This was by far the easiest party decor I have ever created and although it doesn't photograph well, it really makes an impact in person.  We simply cut the strips of the paper into 2 inch wide strips about 12 inches long for the colored cardstock and 20 inches long for the kraft paper and then stapled each loop onto the next.  I really loved the result and think this could make an awesome photobooth backdrop or canopy over a dinner party table.

 {the birthday girl}

 {chalkboard instructions}

 {bloody mary fixings}

 {bellini fixings}

 {cereal and champagne for the win}

{pancakes and bloody marys}


  1. You. have. out. done. yourself.
    I have never seen anything like this!
    YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL PARTY PLANNER x like...a gagillion.
    So so so so so impressed!!!!!
    Seriously like.....just blown away.

  2. Where did you get the tags for your cereals? Also, where did you get the little cups with the jelly that the toast points are resting on? Fabulous.

  3. Hi Kristin,

    The tags for the cereal and all other matching labels were created by me. If you wanna email me I would happy to send you the file.

    The little plastic cups were purchased at a restaurant supply store in Culver City called Surfas. you might find some similar ones here:


  4. This is such a cute idea for a cocktail party!

  5. I cannot wait to recreate this party! Fantastic!!!

  6. Breakfast is my favorite meal...why did I never think of this?! Looked like an amazing party!

  7. Ok for real, you host the BEST parties! From the decor, the signage to the food! OMG the food, I should come take lessons from you- you two are amazing chefs!

    What a really outstanding party for Kay!

  8. this is the most AMAZING idea for a party!! i love it!! and if i did it, id totally steal all your ideas cos they are genious! the little pancake stacks, the jars of cereal lol awesome party!!

  9. Ummm, lucky charms? amazing - and bellinis...i want to go to a party like that:) cutest thing ever!

  10. Wow, what an amazing party! I'm loving every little detail!

  11. Good glory, you and your parties givin selves. Looking great.

  12. This is such a clever idea, I think I'm going to have to try this out for my next birthday!

  13. Did you make the mini pancakes or where they purchased frozen? I am wanting to do mini pancake like this for a party. Everything is so cute!

  14. Where did you get the bloody mary bar and bellini bar signs? They are so cute! I need something like this for my friends bachelorette?

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