Friday, February 24, 2012

{friday cocktail: cardamom rose}

If you didn't get enough of all the pink and red-hued cocktails surrounding Valentine's day last week then you are in luck because this Friday's cocktail is not only soft pink in color, but one of it's main ingredients is rose syrup (lets just keep the Valentine Day train rolling for as long as possible shall we?).  This recipe comes from a bar in Philadelphia called Apothecary (which is now closed) and you can see the original recipe here.  You will need to whip up a batch of rose water syrup for this cocktail by following this recipe and you should be able to find rose water at any local middle eastern grocery supply or right here.  Another option is to substitute the home-made rose water syrup with a pre-made rose flavored syrup like this one.  This is a very light cocktail, the flavors of the grapefruit and cardamom are very subtle while the rose syrup really steals the show.  Here is my slightly modified version of the recipe:

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