Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{diy medallion notecards}

We have been really delighted by our generous friends and family who have already started sending us early wedding gifts off of our registry, coming home from work to find a wedding gift waiting for us never gets old!  And yes, we have been opening them since I couldn't find a definitive etiquette answer as to whether or not we are actually supposed to and also because I don't want to live in world of boxes for the next couple months.  Anywayssss- I hadn't put much thought into what our thank you cards would look like since I thought I wouldn't have to figure it out until after the wedding.  I conveniently own a ton of thank you cards from working at a stationary store in high school, but I wanted to use something new and special for our wedding. 

My mom recently brought me these interesting gold foil certificate labels that she picked up for a buck at her local office supply and I figured they would lend nicely to a ribbon medallion type look. I don't know what it is, but I have a thing for ribbon medallions; I even asked my friends to be my bridesmaids using them- see that post here. 

what you need:
  1. type "thank you" in a few different fonts (the winner ended up being Bodoni MT for mine), making sure to keep the text less than an inch long and keep adequate empty space around each word on the paper. print onto regular white copy paper
  2. use 1 inch circle punch to cut out the phrases
  3. use 1.5 circle punch to cut out a circles of the grey cardstock
  4. using a gluestick, attach the smaller white circle, centered on the grey one then attach the grey circle centered onto the gold certificate label
  5. cut a 4 inch long piece of the ribbon. fold it in half and then cut a banner notch in each end.
  6. While keeping it folded in half, attach the ribbon to the sticky back of the certificate label.
  7. Place onto notecards.

I recently bought the pack of envelope liner templates from Paper Source and now feel that there is no excuse to not line an envelope since it takes about 30 seconds and makes everything look so much nicer.  I printed this high-res chevron print image to line the kraft paper envelopes.  

While I was creating these thank you notes, I realized that this little medallion would also lend itself quite nicely to a Valentine's card.  I used the heart from this previous project and placed the ribbon medallion onto a more festive pink notecard then lined the envelope with this photo of conversation hearts. 


  1. They are adorable! Definitely adding this to my pinterest for later use :)

  2. Omgosh these are so amazing! I love love them! I may have to steal your idea hehe ;)

    You rock girlfriend! xo