Monday, December 12, 2011

{spicy squash soup with pumpkin seed pesto}

Butternut squash soup is my favorite cold weather comfort food and I am always looking for interesting takes on the usually simple recipe.  We came across this recipe for a spicy butternut squash soup with pumpkin seed pesto in our Epicurious app on our Ipad (highly recommend this app- the shopping list feature is amazing).  The jalapeno and cumin in the squash soup gives it a nice full flavor and a little spicy kick, but my favorite part of this meal was the pumpkin seed pesto.   We were even discussing perhaps adding a handful of pistachios to the pumpkin seed pesto and using it on crostini as an appetizer in the future.   Be aware that this recipe makes A LOT of servings so be prepared to serve this for at least 6 people or freeze a good amount of the soup.


  1. I LOVE. butternut squash. this recipe looks amazing!


  2. this recipe sounds fabulous.. i'm def going to try it!

  3. This soup looks so delicious! Perfect for the cold weather : )