Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{guinness chocolate cupcakes}

This past weekend, I went to a friend's early Thanksgiving get-together and I was asked to bring a dessert.  I had intended on making mini apple hand pies, but I wasn't sure exactly how long they would take me and I was short on time.  So instead I went with a fool proof recipe for Guinness Chocolate cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting.  The best part about this recipe is that it is based off of a box mix for the chocolate cake, you simply add in a few additional ingredients.  You can see the recipe I referenced here and I would recommend omitting the cream in the frosting part of the recipe.


  1. Last christmas I made Guinness gingerbread! I'm sure these taste just as delicious!


  2. Those look delicious! Interesting too...I have never heard of them before!

    Happy Thanksgiving!