Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{highly refined jello shots}


A few months ago, I saw a post about Jelly Test Kitchen on Martha Stewart's Everyday food blog and I have wanted to try out one of their many amazing recipes ever since.  Last weekend we had some friends over to check out our rooftop pool and have some tacos- what better to go with the tacos than cucumber margarita jello shots? I followed their recipe here.

 {"shot" alongside the cayenne salt}

I cannot stress enough how easy these were to make; in total it took me maybe 7 minutes.  The most time consuming part was tying the cucumber garnish around the shots: and truth be told, I would completely skip this step if I was you.  While the cucumber tie garnishes are super fancy and pretty in pictures, they didn't really taste all that great with the texture of the jello.  After we taste-tested one, I decided to just place a small sliver of peeled cucumber on top of the shots and this was far less time consuming and complimented the texture much better!


  1. These look tasty and refreshing! Cannot wait to try!

  2. so cute! maybe a thin-thin sliver of lime (like they sometimes put on sushi) would be good...