Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{love print from madebygirl}

Last year Chris bought me the "I love You, Blogs & Coffee" print from Made By Girl and ever since then I have wanted one of her "Love Candy" prints. We had pretty much maxed out the space for art in our previous house, but the loft has abundant free wall space which is because there are only windows on one wall (check out some of our other artwork here).  After the engagement, my mom surprised us with the Love print in gray.  We framed it with this Ikea frame and it now hangs on the wall outside the kitchen which is basically the first wall you see when you walk in; the photo below is from that vantage point.

Made By Girl has  many other beautiful and affordable prints. Since most of them are sized 16" by 20", they fit perfectly into the pre-matted Ikea frames which makes them great for gifts since you cut out the high cost of custom framing.


  1. looks soo pretty!! Your place looks fab from what i can see of it too :))) Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think you should do a complete house tour-- your space is so amazing...the roof deck, the exposed cieling beams, your cute dining table and slipcovered chairs, the little dining credenza you made with the shelf above it, your terraniums, that amazing robot-ish artwork print you have. I am obsessed with interiors and so I'm just totally in love with your loft and what you've done with it and want to see more! Bedrooms, bathrooms, I think a complete housetour would be a great post!!!

  3. HI Fashalina- Thanks for all the love!!

    I definitely plan to do a house tour just as soon as we cross those last few items of our "to do" You know pesky things like mounting our TV on the wall...