Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{diy projects wishlist}

It seems like for months now every week has been filled with work and social commitments- which is really not a bad problem to have.  Although I do wish I could take an entire week for a stay-cation to do some of these DIY projects that I have had on my mind: 

I have been wanting one of the over-sized clutches from American Apparel for some time and I think this easy painted stripe DIY would be a great way to make it a little more unique.

We have been in desperate need of a coffee table for our deck and this table would satisfy that need and my love for succulents at the same time! 

Although I love this oversized frame with the polaroids, that kind of film is expensive and hard to come by.  But I do think this would be a great way to display the hundreds of photos we have from photobooths we set up at past parties. 

If I made the coffee table with the succulents that I already mentioned then I think this sofa/chaise made using recycled pallets would complement it really well!  I also think this would make a great bench in an entryway.

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  1. That over sized polaroid art piece rocks! We do some holga work, but this takes the cake. Project worth attempting as we still have a large blank wall in our new apartment here in SF. BTW, thanks for the SO on the table too. Wasn't as bad making as I thought. Matti