Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{bridesmaid ribbon medallions}

I had been trying to think of a unique way to ask my lady friends to be bridesmaids in our wedding, when I remembered some DIY ribbon medallions I had made during the holidays as the prize for our annual pumpkin carving contest.  Originally I had planned on making these for Chris to ask his groomsmen with as well, but after I made the first bridesmaid one I decided they were way too girly for the groomsmen- even if I used more masculine colors.

I am so happy with how great these turned out and was surprised by how easy they were to make! I followed a very simple diy for the medallions from the archives of Style Me Pretty (tutorial here) and then I added a modified circular label that I downloaded from one of my favorite blogs for free printables, Just Something I Made. You can access the sheet of circular labels here; I used the label in the top left of the sheet. I already had all the ribbon which I purchased a while back from Target Trim in downtown Los Angeles' fashion district.

This would be a great gift to make for a milestone birthday or anniversary by putting the year as the center of the medallion. Or I think they make great prizes for friendly games during the holidays or at bridal and baby showers.

I presented each of these to my bridesmaids individually over the course of last week over drinks and at a few dinner parties. I am so happy to have such a wonderful group of girls; Terra, Eva, Heather, Kay, Katie & Caroline- LET'S DO THIS!!

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