Thursday, May 19, 2011

{birthday cake pops}

For my co-worker's birthday last week, she requested that I make her cake pops and since our desks face each other and we converse for 8 hours a day I certainly wanted to honor her request.  The one complaint I have heard about cake pops is they are too sweet which is not a surprise since you make them by mixing frosting with cake and then cover the entire thing in melted candy. I recently came across a recipe for Lemon Buttermilk Cream Cheese cake pops (here) and this sounded like the perfect amount of sweetness. I'm not going to lie, these cake pops turned out amazing; and by amazing I mean out of control good. You should probably go make some immediately...


  1. I've been seeing these all over the last few weeks but I'm glad you did a tutorial! haha. Honestly I know I would make these and probably eat every last one. They look soooo good!!

  2. they look so beautiful! i am going to have to try some soon. and were these not too sweet?

  3. I had my first experience with these cakepops this weekend - let me tell you, they are INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks, Nat! :)

  4. They look so pretty!! You gave me the idea to make lemon cake balls for my husbands bday, I had made red velvet balls and oreo balls (my fav) but didn't think of making lemon ones (my husband's fav cake) until I read your post. Since I was short on time, I used a 1/2 cream cheese frosting, 1/2 lemon frosting and a box of lemon cake. They turned out great! I still find it hard to use the white chocolate...

  5. Hi Pamela!

    first of all you and I are pinterest soulmates!

    second- I don't use white chocolate to cover the cake balls, I use Wilton white candy melts. Candy melts are much easier to use than chocolate because they tend to stick to the cake and harden quickly. The trick is make sure you freeze the cake balls for at least 30 minutes before dipping them- that way when you dip them you can really knock the excessive candy melt off without worrying about the cake ball falling apart!


  6. Hi Natalie! Yes pinterest soulmates is right! I love all your pins!! I recently found your blog and was so happy you were on pinterest because I love everything you blog about. I was SO excited when you "followed" me back, seriously I felt honored! Ever since the iphone app for pinterest came out my addiction to pinterest has taken over my life!
    Thanks for the tips on the cake balls!!