Thursday, April 28, 2011

{specialty bottle order}

Last night we got a package with our recent order from Specialty Bottle. We placed a large order from this company two years ago which included the spice containers you can see here and after two months of being in the loft, we were ready for another order. One of the best things about Specialty bottle is that everything is relatively cheap and there are no minimum order quantities so you can get a variety of plastic or glass bottles for just about anything you can think of. 

 {corked round & square glass bottles}

The corked bottles will be used for infused olive oils such a simple red pepper olive oil in the large squared size and more specialty recipes like rosemary olive oil for the smaller rounded bottle.  I also saw a really cute tutorial using the small square cork bottles for an agave nectar gift/favor. The tutorial (here) comes with a download for a nice customizable printable label using the same paper I used.

{image via ruffed}

 {8.5 oz swing top bottles}

These small swing top bottles are the part of the order I was most excited to receive since they will used to make more flavored home-made simple syrups. Already on my to-do list is lavender, rose and lemon-thyme. 

These little eye dropper bottles are going to be used to hold our first ever attempt at home-made bitters. Chris wants to try out a recipe he saw for jalapeno bitters and I want to try my hand at grapefruit bitters.

I promise to share all these homemade syrup, oil, and bitter recipes once we make them!

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  1. Oh! I have been looking for somewhere that sells interesting bottles here in the UK. That website looks perfect but alas! no shipping overseas.

    I look forward to reading your delicious bitter recipes!