Monday, April 18, 2011


{my pinterest main page}

I finally got my invite to Pinterest and I am officially obsessed! Pinterest is basically a virtual inspiration board which allows you to "pin" images you like onto your own categorized boards. The best part is that it links back to the website you pinned the images from! You can view my pinboards here or you can add the rss feeds of my "pins" by using this link.  If you would like your own invite just let me know...


  1. Hey Natalie, its Jaymee :)

    I would love an invite!!

  2. I want an invite! I have so many bookmarks and wish lists, its impossible to manage them. I do this already with magazine clippings, too, so the idea is lovely.

  3. hi! i love your blog--- so creative! i would love an invite too- need to get organized! thank you