Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{etsy favorites}

 Here is a another collection of some items currently in my Etsy favorites:

I think these French "day of the week" pillows printed on grain sack fabric would give just the right amount of rustic feel in a room. Although I don't know how comfortable this fabric would be,  it could work on an entryway bench or an area that is very visible but not used very much. 

I love that these cheese markers are re-usable and they identify the type of cheese so you only need to write the name. 

Personally I dislike dog beds and accessories covered in fabric printed with dog bones or fire hydrants or other dog themed objects. Muji just has better taste than that and he deserves this super chic bed. Martha & Ash's shop also has some really beautiful decorative throw pillows.

There are a handful of sellers on Etsy with iphone/ipad/ipod docks on wood like these, but I think the ones from Lichen Wood's shop are the best looking as far as the proportion and treatment on the wood.

Happy Shopping!

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